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7th Annual Tie Ceremony & College Decision Day

Ocean Inc. Subgrantee, 'Friday is Tie Day' – These guys shined at the 7th Annual Tie Ceremony & College Decision Day. From student of the month to honor roll, sports all-star, college decision and college grads, they were all celebrated

The mission of 'Friday is Tie Day' is to empower young and adult males with the skills to improve life outcomes to ultimately make better sons, brothers, and fathers. They empower young men through mentoring.

The Friday is Tie Day teen movement is geared towards young men in grades 8-12. So much of popular culture teaches young people to be rude, arrogant, and disrespectful. It is the intention of FITD to "buck the culture" and start something new (or revive something old). They encourage teens in any school to start wearing ties to school on Friday. For one day a week, they make a deliberate effort to not only dress like gentlemen but to also act like gentlemen. FITD anticipates that these trend-setting young men will have a positive impact on the entire school environment.

The Ocean Inc. staff and Board of Trustees would like to congratulate all participants and wish them well with their future in higher education.

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