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Ocean Inc., provides Summer Employment Program to help participants learn Workplace Readiness Skills

Updated: Feb 1

The 2023 Ocean Inc. Summer Employment Program continues to provide a new experience each day as participants learn valuable employment skills and an overall meaningful summer work experience. The Ocean Inc. Summer Employment workers gain new techniques and skills needed to get the job done as they work on projects throughout Ocean and Atlantic NJ Counties.

At the start of the program on July 5, 2023, staff from the Ocean Inc. Human Resources Department, Mayra Gallegos, Facilities Supervisor and Maureen Neuner, Summer Employment Program Director provided Workplace Readiness Training as participants were given an overview of their summer assignments. Workplace readiness traits include a number of commonly expected skills that employers seek from most employees including a set of skills and behaviors that are necessary for any job and are sometimes called soft skills, employability skills or job readiness skills.

Teaching these abilities assisted the summer participants in learning how to interact with future supervisors and co-workers, helping reinforce the importance of timeliness and builds an understanding of how they are perceived by others. Employers value employees who can communicate effectively and act professionally. No matter what technical skills a job may require, every job requires good social skills/interpersonal skills

Throughout July and August, participants provided cleaning, painting, organizing, filing, shredding, transport of items and other services at Affordable/Senior Complexes, HEA and Head Start locations. At the Ocean Inc. 200 N. Texas Ave. building in Atlantic City, participants helped to file, alphabetize and sort paperwork for agency staff.

Photo 1: Summer Group Photo – (Missing from Photo Nick Perna and Charles Carlies).

Photo 2: Channell Wilkins, Ocean Inc. President/CEO stopped by and spent time with the summer staff at the Head Start Center.

For more Summer Employment Program photos, visit us on Facebook at Ocean Inc. or on the agency website at and select Regional News.

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