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Ocean Inc. Renter to First Time Homebuyer

Ms. Veronica Clark, a renter for 21 years began participating in the First Time Homebuyer Workshops in December, 2022. After working with Mark Lamela, the Ocean Inc. Housing Counselor and upon completion of those workshops, Ms. Clark received a certificate deeming her eligible for the Ocean County Consortium’s First Time Homebuyer Grant.

On Feb 2023, after meeting with Ocean Inc. President/CEO Channell Wilkins, Ms. Clark went under contract to purchase the affordable housing unit she was previously renting from Ocean Inc. She financed the purchase through the grant program and obtained her mortgage through Sarah Lapp of M&T Bank, a qualified lender under the Ocean County First Time Homebuyer Consortium.

On May 2023, and within a 6-month span of time, Ms. Clark closed on her home, a home where she and her grandchildren can grow together and make memories. This is the first home Ms. Clark has owned. To say she was excited about purchasing this home from Ocean Inc. and achieving the ‘Dream of Homeownership’ would be an understatement. Best Wishes Veronica!!!! #CommunityAction

Photo: l-r - Heather Sheola, Paralegal; Sharon Pratico, Bucci Esq.; Veronica Clark, First Time Homebuyer; Mark Lamela, Ocean Inc. Housing Counselor and Victoria Pecchioli, Principal Planner at the Ocean County Department of Planning.

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