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Today is Weatherization Wednesday at Ocean Inc.

Did you know that #CommunityAction weatherization services help households save $283 per year on average in energy costs? Savings like that can make a big difference in helping families afford essentials like food, medicine, or school supplies for kids. #WeatherizationWednesday

The Ocean Inc. Weatherization program is designed to address the needs of cost-burdened, low-income residents, unable to afford the added expense of repairing or replacing items in their home that if repaired or replaced, could help them reduce or eliminate high energy bills.

Eligibility is based on income guidelines. Program services include:

1. Energy audit

2. Broken glass repair

3. Weather-stripping and/or caulking of doors and windows

4. Insulating attics and crawlspaces

5. Replacement of primary doors and windows

6. Skirting mobile homes

7. Hot water heater jackets

8. Furnace repair or replacement

9. Hot water heater repair or replacement

Both the homeowner and the landlord are eligible for this program. If you or someone you know requires Weatherization services call (732) 244-8176 x 1261 for income-eligibility and program information.

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