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AC Credit Repair

In Partnership with the City of Atlantic City

We encourage everyone who is interested in learning the fundamentals of improving their credit score to apply.

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We help consumers reach their credit and financial goals and specialize in credit education, credit report analysis, strategies to increase credit scores, business funding and insurance planning. Our goal is to help consumers get approved for the things that they want and to build wealth. 



Good credit and healthy money habits create opportunities and build generational wealth so, our objective is to provide the hardworking residents of Atlantic City with the knowledge to achieve the good credit they deserve. We will achieve this by focusing on the accuracy of their consumer credit reports, providing the tools to help them build and maintain a positive credit file and educating them on how to properly use their credit to build wealth.


The students who complete the course will have the knowledge needed to build a strong credit file, allowing them to manage debt better, build wealth faster and contribute more to the City of Atlantic City.  


After completing the 8 week course, our students will have the knowledge to complete the following:


· Analyze their credit report

· Correct inaccurate and/or unverifiable information on the credit report

· Effectively communicate with debt collectors

· Increase their credit scores

· Budget their finances

· Position themselves to become homeowners

· Achieve tier 1 credit

· Access high limit credit cards

· Qualify for business funding

Course Description

Class will be held once per week and will last 1 hour 30 minutes which allows time for the presentation and Q&A. 


The AC Credit Series sessions will be held every Wednesday starting April 5th at 5pm-7pm at Carnegie Center:


AC Credit Series as follows:

Week 1  April 5th      Understanding your Credit Reports

Week 2  April 12th     Building a Positive Credit File

Week 3  April 19th   Defeating Debt Collectors

Week 4  April 26th   Handling Charge Offs

Week 5  May  3rd    Disputing Public Records

Week 6  May 10th    Creating a Budget

Week 7  May 17th    The Guide to Homeownership

Week 8  May 24th    How to Access Business Funding


Location: 35. S. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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“It’s not how you start it’s how you finish. I encourage all city residents to take advantage of this free opportunity. There are so many people that want to build a business or get a mortgage but can’t get a loan because of credit."


Mayor Marty Small, Sr. - Mayor City of Atlantic City

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