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1st Bergen Credit Union at
O.C.E.A.N., INC.

The only requirement to be a member is to live, work, worship, go to school, or volunteer in Ocean or Bergen County.

Managing Online Banking


Online Banking

FREE online banking with 24/7 access to accounts. Can transfer funds between accounts at 1st Bergen, check balances, view account E-Statements, remote deposit checks and use Bill Pay Services. 


Debit Cards

All checking accounts have the ability to get a Free Visa Debit Card. Debit Card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.  All-Point ATM Network locator can be used to find ATM near you with NO FEE.

Mobile Banking

Our mobile banking app is FREE.  Can be downloaded on App Store or Google Store.  

Savings Accounts- Free Savings account.  No fees.  $5 Minimum Balance to be an active member in Credit Union.            

Checking Accounts

No Minimum Balance.  No monthly fee. 


Direct Deposit

Have a portion or your entire check direct deposited into your account.  Direct Deposits can be accepted in both checking and savings accounts. 


Club accounts

Holiday Club Account, Teachers Savings account, Vacation Account- interest bearing account that is credit quarterly.  No fee for early withdrawal.  



Auto Loans- New Purchase or Refinance.  Max Loan amount is $20K. 


Personal Loans- Can be used for a purchase, debt consolidation.  


Reason for loan must be disclosed at application.

Up to $7500 max with terms up to 72 months. 



Secured Loans- Use funds in savings account as collateral for loan.  As the loan is paid off, the funds in your savings become available again. Perfect for those that want to pay off debt but do not want to deplete their savings. Max $7500.00 



Credit Builder Loans- Perfect for those with no credit or poor Credit.  Small dollar amount loan used to build credit.

Loan amounts from $250-$500     


CD’s- 3,6,9,12,24,36,48, and 60 month options.

Minimum balance is $250.00 

Cashiers Checks: NO FEE

Gift Cards: $3 Fee Per Card

Useful Information & Links

Lost or Stolen Cards: 1-800-417-8715

Routing number: 021283916


Order Checks

Account Application


Lost or Stolen Cards: 1-800-417-8715

​Routing number: 021283916

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