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FREE: Ocean Inc. Credit Management & Credit Repair Workshops in Partnership with STEPS

Ocean Inc. in partnership with STEPS are introducing a free Credit Management and Credit Repair Workshop Series focusing on financial education and economic empowerment to help residents succeed financially and build better lives.

The eight-week workshop program will be held in the Meeting Room at the ShoreTown Ballpark located at 2 Stadium Way in Lakewood, NJ beginning May 15, 2024 with Kyra Price of STEPS who specializes in credit repair leading the program. Use the QR code on the attached flyer or click on the following link to sign up for the free 8-week workshop series:

The purpose of the training program is to help residents build and/or repair their credit history and addresses one of the major barriers to homeownership or starting a business: Poor credit history due to ineffective debt management.

The 8-Week Credit Management and Credit Repair Training Program will be conducted on Wednesdays, from 4:00 pm-6:00 pm. (See schedule below)

Week 1 May 15th Introduction and Course Overview

Week 2 May 22nd The Basics

Week 3 May 29th Credit- The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Week 4 June 5th Responsible Credit Use

Week 5 June 12th Types of Credit (Complimentary Blue Claws Game Tickets to all participants)

Week 6 June 19th Avoiding Common Credit Risk

Week 7 June 26th Credit- Know your Rights (Complimentary Blue Claws Game Tickets to all participants)

Week 8 July 3rd Protect Yourself

Participants will learn about:

•Credit scores and credit reports

•Debt management

•How to identify and correct errors on your credit report

•How to properly negotiate with creditors

•How to increase your score


•Participants who comply to the training program will be able to establish strategies to build and maintain credit

•Participants are expected to attend at least 7 of 8-week program

•Participants will take away knowledge and skills that will enable them to access their credit report

•Participants will obtain supported information as well as a plan to services that can help them repair their credit

•Participants will develop confidence and attitude to correctly use credit to increase ‘creditworthiness”


Participants must furnish their pre-workshop credit ratings and authorize STEPS to retrieve their credit scores, conducting a soft inquiry 8 weeks post-workshop and again at the 6-month mark following the program.

Closing Activity

•Post Workshop Quiz- The Post Workshop Quiz will examine what the participate attained from the workshop, also give the facilitators what to focus on

•Brief Question and Answer Session (If needed-Approximately 10 minutes)

•Workshop Survey

Workshop Certificate

Participates will receive a certificate for attendance of 7 of 8 sessions

Visit the Ocean Inc. 'Calendar of Events' with updates continuously posted on the following site:

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