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Upcoming FTHB Workshops: The Ocean, Inc. First-Time Homebuyer Program could help you achieve your dream of owning a home!

The next Ocean County First Time Homebuyer Workshops are scheduled for May 13th, May 16th and May 21st. (See flyers below) Reminder, attendance at all workshops is mandatory. 


To register for these workshops, you must call or email Mark Lamela the Ocean Inc. Housing Counselor at (732) 244-5333 Ext.1110 or via email at The workshops will be conducted virtually via Zoom however you must register to obtain the Zoom link. 


You are a first-time homebuyer if (among other eligibility requirements): 

• You have not owned a home on your own in the past three years  

• You previously owned a home with a former spouse or significant other and no longer reside in the home and are trying to purchase a home solely and separately.  


Be sure to visit the Ocean Inc. First Time Homebuyer website page at: for more information.  Also visit the Ocean Inc. 'Calendar of Events' with updates continuously posted on the following site: 

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