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Ocean Inc. In-Service Staff Training held at the Clarion where "Kindness' was the featured activity

Updated: Feb 1

Ocean Inc. conducted an agency in-service training on Friday with a featured activity aimed at workplace culture where kindness is not only the norm, but is contagious. Prior to the activity, Channell Wilkins, President/CEO discussed the ‘State of the Agency’ with a focus on Fiscal, HR, Facilities w/upgraded environmental changes, the burnalong Wellness Program launching on 1/1/24, Tuition Reimbursement and Conflict Resolution with a focus on training. Also discussed were all agency programs including Home Energy, Direct Services Weatherization, Direct Services, Housing, Head Start and the Credit Union showcasing seasonable specials.

Mixed into the training were additional guest speakers including Mr. Andrew of the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs who discussed Fraud and Scams, Michael Persia of Mutual of America reviewed the agency 403b and Jim Campbell of Ocean County College covered all OCC educational and tuition options.

During the featured activity, staff broke into teams and worked on a group norm activity conducted by Kim Ratz, a Minnesota Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Singer-Songwriter and Author who helps people create more harmony in their life and their workplace.

Focusing on three (3) framing questions, (see photos below) 12 teams worked collectively by ranking their answers to building professional behaviors at work. The activity helped staff increase their understanding of co-workers, their control of what happens at work, style differences encountered every day, communication styles and how to flex styles to make style differences more manageable.

As Kim Ratz relayed during the ‘Playing Nice in the Sandbox” segment, “You can't change anyone else, or control a lot of what happens at work, so the best you can do is: Do your best, and have a positive influence on others around you.” Teambuilding and relationship skills will help your team improve teamwork and customer service, to keep your sandbox a great place to work, as we serve our students, customers and stakeholders. Stay tuned for a follow-up on the framing questions.

Training takeaway ideas to encourage random acts of kindness at work

  • Join someone who is lunching alone

  • Leave an unexpected gesture

  • Introduce yourself to someone you don't know

  • Express gratitude

  • Listen to someone's story

  • Give someone a compliment

  • Offer to help your colleague out

  • Recognize your colleagues’ recent efforts.

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